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Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 30. Jun 2024, 22:22
von bikeownerus
I have a 1998 Freewind which I enjoy. However, it is a high mileage machine which means I have some work to do.
I would be very grateful if you could help me as I begine exploring the bike.
I have just pulled the 2 carbs off ready to re-furb.
First question - what is all the electrical gubbins that seems to be attached - is this needed or can it be bypassed??
Please stand by for more questions as I get inside the carbs!

Many thanks!


Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 1. Jul 2024, 01:03
von brummil
The "Magnetswitch", the "Hubsteuerventil" and the "Drosselklappensensor" incl. hoses can be removed or bypassed.

If u remove the "Hubsteuerventil" u need an new Needle Set for the Carb and u have to remove the Insert of the Airbox(That Black Rubber Thing between the Airbox and the Airboxcover). It will help, if u drill 2 5cm holes in the Airbox too. Ur Suzi needs more Air in that case.
See on the Website of "Stefan Hessler Rallye Team" in technical Blog.
In the end ur Suzi can breath free, u got more Torgue and a few Horses more.
If the Carb is out anyway.......i would do it

Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 2. Jul 2024, 09:50
von Maad
There is no need to remove the throttle Position sensor (TPS). There are no pros with removing it and no known problems with it. You should adjust it. It us shown in manual or herein. ... stment.pdf

Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 2. Jul 2024, 23:16
von bikeownerus
Thank you both!
As I now have the carbs off, I will definitely get rid of the unnecessary system and modify the jets.
I bought this to tinker with so I wouldn't be scared to 'have a go'!
Ultimately I'd like to get rid of the plastic around the headlight and attached side panels - but I'll get it running sweetly first.

Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 3. Jul 2024, 10:56
von Moriarty
Hi Doug,

I wouldn't remove the TPS either. It doesn't bother you if you shut down the "lift control valves". You should close all vacuum connections except for the vacuum hose that controls the fuel tap.
When I shut down the lift control valves, I left the air filter untouched. At least I didn't notice any reduction in performance. I also think it's a rumor that the performance only increases because of the holes in the air filter and slightly larger main jets.

What you could consider is replacing the idle jets with slightly larger ones (22.5 instead of 20). Suzuki offers them in the spare parts catalog, part number 09492-22014. Other motorcycles that have this engine installed, such as CCM or Sachs, apparently need them. I installed them because my idle mixture was very lean. And I imagine that the engine's response and running behavior at low speeds has improved. They may also help with the response if you have removed the lift control valves so that the engine can respond more quickly to your throttle movements.

Oh yes, I also disposed of all the plastic from the tank and around the headlight.

Good luck with the tinkering and trying things out.


Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 3. Jul 2024, 11:05
von Moriarty
I have the standard silencer fitted to my machine because I don't believe that a silencer that makes more noise also produces more power.
Although I've heard that many people believe that :cry:

Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 12. Jul 2024, 18:14
von bikeownerus
Many thanks Moriarty, really useful guidance.
So - I leave TPS alone (or adjust if necessary), remove and block vacuum hoses (lift control valves?) other than that used to enable fuel feed, consider upping the idle jets to 22.5 - then I get it re-installed and running and play with air box as appropriate. Noting I have an after marked Dominator silencer (not too loud at all - restrictor still installed).
This sounds an excellent starter for 10.
Later, I'd be really interested in seeing what you have done regarding the annoying plastics up front - have you just left the mounting frame and tank as is and extended for the indicators?
Thanks again

Re: Hello - greetings from the UK!

Verfasst: 12. Jul 2024, 19:42
von brummil
I was interested on the "Dominator" too.
Unfortunatly no Homogolation for the EU. Not street legal.
I ask them via E-mail. He told me that.
Sad. Cause the Prize is hot, the Quality nice, good looking and good warranty.
U got in big trouble here, if the Police catch u with that Pipe or u got an accident