Hier hast Du die Möglichkeit Dich und Deine XF vorzustellen
ganz neu hier
ganz neu hier
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Beitragvon Caligigi » 7. Okt 2017, 21:55

Hi everybody!!
I'm from Abruzzo Italy 31yo, here in this forum because I was searching for informations about xf 650.
I own a Moto Guzzi 1100 I which I love so much. Forcefull engine and fantastic frame for curves 8)
It is my first motorbike because I started late in 2012.
I would like a freewind to have a friendly bike to use every day and use the Guzzi less since it is 22yo and 135000km :mrgreen:
It is difficult to me to use this forum but Google translator helps me. It is difficult to make searches.
I want to know if my height of 1.84 could be a problem for the comfort while driving. Is there a topic which talks about height of pilot and posture?
Sorry for my English and thanks for the opportunity of being here!! :)

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Re: Hallo

Beitragvon screamsoccer » 8. Okt 2017, 08:55

Hi Abruzzo,

first of all: welcome!

The height shouldn't be a problem. I am 1,82m high and I don't have any problems with the bike.

The best thing to know about it is when you drive the freewind and let yourself know if it's ok for you.

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Re: Hallo

Beitragvon 110515 » 8. Okt 2017, 15:26

There are some riders around 1,85 m who complain about the seating position. I am 1,94 and dont have any problems with it. But Im only 21, so it might be a different story when you will be over 40/50 yo.